Lynda Fitzgerald has written another page-turning, intriguing mystery that
had me hooked from the prologue to the very last page.  
LIVE Ringer is a
richly told story that weaves romance, a ghost, and a murderer into its cast
of characters that you can’t help but love, fear, and doubt all in the same
moment.  I hated to put it down.  It's the kind of thriller that makes your
palms sweat, your mouth dry, and makes you just a little bit afraid to read it
when you’re home alone.  
LIVE Ringer is the best and most intriguing
thriller I’ve read in a long time.

Vicky DeCoster
Author of Husbands, Hot Flashes, and All That Hullabaloo! and The
Wacky World of Womanhood: Essays on Girlhood, Dating,
Motherhood, and the Loss of Matching Underwear

Fast-paced and eerie,
LIVE Ringer kept me guessing.  Fitzgerald tells a
fine yarn, indeed, and peoples her story with characters who are both
endearing and exasperating – rather like life itself.

Fran Stewart, author of the Biscuit McKee mysteries and
A Slaying Song Tonight

Lynda Fitzgerald’s
LIVE Ringer is one of those books that cannot be put
down once you’ve started on it.  I picked the book up in late afternoon after
a long day at work, planning to read for an hour to relax.  At midnight I was
still up, turning the last pages of the book and holding my breath.

I found Lynda Fitzgerald’s
LIVE Ringer an altogether great read, which I
would wholeheartedly recommend to anybody who enjoys a good book.  A
delightful mix of romance, thriller and mystery will keep most readers
riveted for hours.  So get a cold drink that will make you think of Florida and
enjoy your journey.

Olivera Baumgartner-Jackson, Reader Views

LIVE Ringer is a fascinating, nail-biting read. Allie is a wonderful
character—and so is her dead aunt.  Lynda Fitzgerald has told a spell-
binding story, complete with good people with dark secrets, with
compassion and great skill.

Alice Duncan, Author of  Hungry Spirits