LIVE In Person
A Sneak Peek Inside...LIVE In Person
  Allie Grainger has a new job, a new love, and a pretty
well-ordered life—that is, until a cop she put in jail
escapes and comes after her, determined to make her

  Her brother Len wants her to pay a different price. He
shows up on her doorstep, resolved to stay until she
agrees to give him half of the $2.3 million she inherited
from their aunt. Soon, she realizes he’ll go to any lengths
to make that happen. Allie is publicly vocal that she won’t
cave in to his demands, so when Len disappears and foul
play is suspected, suspicion falls squarely on Allie’s

  As Allie is coping with the double threat, she and her
new boyfriend are making every effort to start what
promises to be a hot and steamy affair, but every time
they come close, someone barges in. Allie is beginning to
fear they will never make a go of it.

  With her mother telling Allie what happened to Len is all
her fault and her dead aunt whispering that it isn't, she
sets out to find out what happened to her brother, a move
that costs someone their life.
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