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A Sneak Peek Inside...LIVE Ammo
  Sheriff Cord Arbutten's wife is dead, an apparent suicide, but his grown
son claims she was murdered -- by the Sheriff. Rand Arbutten, an
attorney who hates his father, vows he's going to prove it. When it comes
to light that she was killed with the Sheriff's old service revolver, he thinks
about stepping down. Suddenly, the Sheriff is faced with losing everything
he cares about.

  Investigative reporter Allie Grainger gets involved when her best friend
Sheryl, a Sheriff's Deputy, begs her to help. Allie barely knows the
Sheriff, but she knows that Sheryl greatly respects him and that her
deceased aunt, who worked for him for over twenty years, believed he
was an honorable man. That's enough for her.

  Repeated clashes with the Sheriff's son only make Allie more
determined to discover the truth. Rand sets out to block Allie at every
turn. When anger doesn't work, he turns on the charm, charm that gets to
Allie a lot more than she's willing to admit.

  Sidney Finch, a Sheriff's Deputy who idolizes the Sheriff, doesn't use
charm to impede her investigation. He uses naked threats. Allie has to
ask herself who he's trying to protect -- the Sheriff or himself? She isn't
sure how far Sidney will go to stop her, but since he has a hair-trigger
temper and carries a gun, she absolutely doesn't want to find out.

  Then Rand Arbutten agrees to work with Allie instead of against her.
She isn't sure of his motives, but she'll take any help she can get. With
her dead aunt whispering encouragement in her ear and Sheryl egging
her on, Allie sets out to discover what really happened the day Jean
Arbutten died.
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