The naked corpse of a four-year-old boy is found
on a snow-packed roadside outside a rural Minnesota

town. Sheriff Clay Bergstrom is left with no clues to the
boy's identity. No one reports a missing child, and no
one comes forth to identify the body. The coroner

determines the boy was murdered, and the County
Commissioner reads Clay the riot act: find the killer,
or find a new career.

    Clay's estranged teenage daughter Nikki already
lost her mother to cancer, and takes the boy's
personally. When Clay ignores her concern, Nikki
confides in her school counselor, who warns Clay that
denying Nikki's feelings will make her rebel in a
disastrous way. And Nikki does.

    With Clay's already rocky career on the line, the
investigation stalling, and Nikki slipping further out
his control each day, Clay begins to doubt himself as
both a police officer and a father. Then more bodies
are found, and Clay realizes he's running out of time.

    Because now the killer is after Nikki.
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